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What would you do if a person walks up to you and asks you if you know what Hemophilia is? You might say "I don't know and I don't care." Well you should care! Hemophilia is a rare genetic disorder in which the blood clots so slowly that people can bleed to death by only a minor injury. Sometimes, the blood in the veins don't clot at all. The blood will just keep flowing. Hemophilia is caused by an inherited defect in a pair of chromosomes. So people have to be extra cautious when they are doing their activites. It is even more deadly if someone with this genetic disorder gets a bruse becuse there is bleeding underneath the skin. People with with this genetic disoder may bleed interally as well. Hemophilia is a life threatning genetic disorder. Hemophilia comes in two different types, A and B. Both of the different types are almost similar to the types of sypmtoms but type B shows amounts of exessive bleeding the internal organs. about_hemophilia_a.jpgHemophilia is actually more common in males then there are in females. 1 in 4,000 to 1 in 5,000 males around the world are born with this disorder. That was type A, type B is in 1 of 20,000 people born world wide.
About 18,000 people in the U.S. have hemophilia.
They also may bleed into their knees, ankles and elbows. Bleeding in the joints causes pain and, if not treated, can lead to death by continuous loss of blood.

Most Famous Case of Hemophilia
The most famous case of hemophilia occured in the year 1904 with a son of the Russian Czar...Alexis. Alexis was the youngest out of the Czar's 5 childeren, and the only son heir to the Russian Throne. Now comes the problem with Alexis. His parents soon find out that he has Hemophilia. Now when Alexis does his daily activites, he will do them under the watchfull eye of his parents and royal guards, as well as nurses incase Alexis had a accident. At that periode of time there was no treatment for the little heir to the Russian Throne. His parents, enspecailly his mother took extra precaution on what Alexis was doing. This easily disrupted the Czar's attention to the way the economy was, the rise of the Bolsheviks, The Russian Revoltution, and his Nation.TsarNicholasII_fam_1364075c.jpg Then in the year 1918 the Royal family were soon killed by Bolshevik agents. hemop


Back in the old in Alexis's time...if you have a injury with hemophilia, you would have a towl wrapped around the wound, apply pressure to the wounded area, and pray that the bleeding would eventually stop. Well they did not have the technology and medical treatments back then that we all have now. But the treatment for hemophila itself varies because of how much a person bleeds. If the person bleeding is only minor then the person needs no treatment. Hemophilia is primarly treated by replacing the absent or abnormal clotting factors to prevent severe blood loss and complications. Viruses can also be transmitted through blood products, but this happens rarly. Only to those with a severe loss of blood. Also medications can be used to increase the clotting factors. Most complications are successfully managed by the injection of clotting factors. But complications can result from treatment with clotting factor replacment. But the problem that most people have is a chronic pain from joint damage due to the severe bleeding of the victum that commonly occurs in those with severe hemoplilia and have one or more severe bleeding episodes inside a joint every year. After all, because of todays technology and medical treatments, hemophilhospital.jpgia can easily be treated.