When you are talking about Diabetes Mellitus there are two separate types they are similar very much but also different. The two types of Diabetes are Type one and Type two each one are dangerous to someones health the problems, the difference of Type 1 to Type 2 is that Type one is known to be passed down from the parent to the offspring. While Type two is know to be acquired from bad eating habits or environmental issues. One main thing you need to understand is how it works before you can fully understand the causes and the differences of the two types.

Regularity of Glucose in the body

When you eat your stomach breaks down the food into the glucose when this happens your blood stream contains increasedexternal image 500px-Insulin_glucose_metabolism_ZP.svg.png glucose amounts which then causes the brain to send a signal to activate pancreas to increase the insulin production. Insulin is what connects to a site on the cell called the insulin receptor site to open a passage for the cell can obtain the sugar to produce energy to fulfill the functions of our survival. For the Insulin to get to your cells they flow through the veins to reach the cells, along with the glucose. If you didn't know the Insulin is a Catalyst; a activation agent that helps the function to use less energy to speed up the process. The process we just looked at is the normal process of our body, the body can also be considered normal with Pre-Diabetes which is a high count of Glucose and low Insulin but not enough to be a form of the disorder.


The Abnormal Regularity of Glucose; Cause of Type 1 & 2

For the understanding of the abnormal regulation you need to understand the normal regulation
Type 1 diabetes: Insufficient Insulin
Type 1 diabetes: Insufficient Insulin
of glucose. To start we look at the cell we see the the Insulin receptor, now we see the insulin trying to connect but the Insulin is Insufficient this is called Type 1. This trait is a passed on trait from the parent to the offspring it is also known as Juvenile Diabetes because people usually don't obtain this disease usually after the age of thirty, This Type of Diabetes is dangerous because the pancreas stops making the Insulin needed for the Glucose to enter the cell normally. Then the body looks at the pancreas as the enemy since they think it's a foreign material, the immune system attacks and causes a irreversible destruction. If you haven't picked up by now
Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin Resistance
Type 2 Diabetes: Insulin Resistance
Diabetes is a autoimmune disease; a incurable Disorder, like AIDS. Then there is Type 2 of Diabetes is also known as adult onset because people of the age 30 usually get this from a poor everyday eating diet or outside causes like Vietnam veterans like Carl Burgess from Agent Orange. This Type is known not to be hereditary but from some research it could be considered to be passed down. Type 2 is when the the body can't produce enough Insulin and doesn't utilize the insulin efficiently.
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Information learned from Bio-medical science class at Midpark


It's important to diagnose as early as possible to prevent early and late complications
of diabetes. Its only possible if you know some of the common symptoms of diabetes.
Most common for Type 1 are increased thirst, frequent urination fatigue and weakness, blurred vision,
abdominal-pains, nausea and vomiting, sudden weight loss or gain, increased heart rate,
numbness of fingers and toes and frequent headaches and dizziness. The only difference with Type 2 then Type 1 is that there is unusual thirst; which is meant that you keep drinking a whole bottle of water and you are still thirsty. The most common symptoms of both Types are that most people associate with are increase thirst and frequent urination. The increase in thirst goes hand and hand with the frequent urination since more you drink more urination will occur.


For this Diabetes there is no real treatment, and ways to "treat" this are just watching your health. For example;external image foot%20fungus%20toenail.jpg a healthy diet, exercise, maintain a healthy body weight, medications if needed, monitoring the things you do and eat, monitoring blood sugar and foot care. The reason for the foot care is because if you get a cut on your foot it can start to rot just like teeth since the Glucose is sitting at the bottom of your body since there is no where for it to go.see the example to the side and look at the rotting of the nail.



In 1425 the word diabetes was first recorded in an English medical text, to cement the history of diabetes. Then back when diabetes was unknown people called it sweat urine disease due to the smell of the urine and it was originally named after the man who discovered this in the ancient Greek times. So 1750 Dr. Cullen, a scientist, adds Mellitus; Latin word meaning “honey-sweet” to the term diabetes. But then people started to see the affects of the disease and as it progressed and people became more knowing of medical science. Then when as the industrial age up-rose so did Type two diabetes, since the health factors of the city life and fatty foods. Then soon enough people finally found a way to stall the diseases to the point of where they don't get an affect as much.

Questions and answers

Q: Who can get Diabetes?

A: Anyone can from the eating habits of your youth, but some of it comes from genetics but there are two types of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2.

Q: Why does the feet need to be cared for when you have Diabetes?

A: The foot needs to be cared for when you have Diabetes due to the fact that the Glucose moves to the bottom of the body when it is not processed through the cell so it sits there and then the foot's flesh will begin to rot if the Glucose isn't broken down and when there is a cut the cut will have a hard time to heal and will worsen.

Q: Why is Type 2 more common now a days in America?

A: This is because the Americans lost site of health food and go straight for the fatty and sugary foods instead of a nutritional based diet.

Q: When you have Diabetes what are you suppose to consume to eat?

A: When you are a diabetic you need to eat a lot of different foods to maintain the bodies balance, this means fruits and veggies and low in red meat.

Q: Is there a treatment for this?

A: There is no treatment but a specific balance of food, exercise and vitamins you can take to help you feel much better.